Bienvenue à Magasin plus Couleur

My mission is to fill houses with the most beautiful and, very important, sustainable interior pieces. I think that the most beautiful created interior items already exist and I love to share that with my audience.

Bonjour! I'm Merlijn, the founder of Magasin plus Couleur, a haven for vintage and secondhand tableware enthusiasts. Our journey began in the summer of 2022, during a trip to France with my boyfriend. Exploring a shed filled with so many items, I was instantly captivated by the charm of the amount of colorful vintage tableware in France, something you don’t find often in the Netherlands. The desire to buy everything was strong, but the limitations of space in my own home prompted an inspiring idea from my boyfriend - why not share these beautiful finds with others?

Embracing this new passion, I decided to curate and sell these vintage treasures, showcasing my taste and ability to perceive beauty in overlooked items. While I initially hesitated, the encouragement from friends and family boosted my confidence to start my own venture - Magasin plus Couleur was born.

Fast forward almost a year, and we've blossomed from a small idea into a booming business. Our journey began with some small drops, and now we're proud to offer an expansive range of vintage and secondhand tableware and I even hosted my first pop-up shop in September '23. From plates and glasses to wineglasses, serving dishes, stainless steel coupes, and more, we've curated a diverse collection that shows timeless elegance and charm.

It all started in my cozy 7-square-meter room in Amsterdam, while I currently rent a studio where I can store and photograph everything. Every piece in our collection holds a special place in my heart. The happiness Magasin gives me is hard to describe, and it keeps me excited to keep this going forever. I dream of turning this passion into my full-time occupation, sharing the beauty of vintage tableware with others who appreciate the things that already exist.

Thank you for being a part of our story at Magasin plus Couleur.